Social Responsibility

GCL New Energy believes that to help others is to help ourselves. We are committed to making life better for society. GCL New Energy grows hand in hand with the Chinese economy and is quickly becoming a leading global energy company. It shoulders more social and environmental responsibilities while improving development approaches and increasing value creation. GCL is committed to the mission of the ”Chinese dream” - ‘more blue sky, more clean water and a better life’. This is the best way for GCL to give back to society.

Our Green Promise

GCL New Energy’s sustainable development efforts are guided by the pursuit of low carbon, low emission and energy saving technologies to enable coordination among cleaner manufacturing, the circular economy, and resource sharing. GCL New Energy’s operating PV power plants now generate over 7.0 billion kWh of power per year. That leads to 6.8 million tons less carbon dioxide emission compared with thermal power plants, equivalent of growing 47,000 acres of forest.

Our Corporate Responsibilities

We are accountable to our shareholders, investors, employees, customers, the industry, the society and the future. We adhere to the business philosophy of equality, honesty, sharing, and win-win outcomes. We serve customers, care about the staff, and create value for shareholders, investors and society more generally.

Our Industrial Ambitions

Green mountains and clean rivers are the Earth’s invaluable treasures. GCL New Energy will continue our adventures in solar energy by encouraging technological, financial and application innovations, aiming to achieve PV grid parity, a cornerstone of Energy Revolution. GCL believes that our efforts will enable green energy to reach millions of households and help return clean water and blue skies to us all.

Our Charity Work

We conscientiously perform our social responsibilities with a heart of gratitude and take an active part in public welfare undertakings such as education and charity causes in an effort to promote social harmony and development.
  • GCL New Energy gave donations to 14 universities, including Beijing University, to set up scholarships, and sponsored the “GCL Cup” University Green Energy Technology Innovation Competition.

  • Education promotion activities in Ningxia and Gansu, themed “Create the Future with Love”

Our social responsibility report