Operational Management Philosophy

Philosophy for the Complete Lifecycle of Power Stations

GCL New Energy advocates a complete lifecycle philosophy for power stations, and is constantly pushing to make power plant operations a central strategic focus. Starting from the beginning, a foundation is laid during the project development and construction stages for efficient and low-cost operations.

Optimize the Operations and Control Mode

GCL New Energy optimises its management and control model continually. Through a four-in-one model incorporating ‘HQ - provincial companies - regional centres - independent power plants’, it has set up a real time management platform to enable centralised remote control of PV power plants, automatic data collection and analysis, equipment troubleshooting and scheduled maintenance, thus achieving operations and maintenance characterized by ‘regional management, centralised   control, intelligence, professionalism, and automated operations’. 

Maximization of Asset Value

GCL actively introduces cutting-edge technology in power plant operation and maintenance to improve power generation efficiency. We also increase the generating capacity by means of marketing, cross-regional delivery and direct power supply for large users, maximizating the benefit of PV power plants.

Regional Operating

Listed in 2014, GCL New Energy has seen the fastest growth in installed capacity among the world's PV power plant development companies. With an increasing number of PV power plants operated by GCL, the traditional model of a single power station operating on its own is unable scale efficiently, so innovation must be pursued. What's more, the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry has placed higher requirements on the operation and maintenance approaches of power plants. In the face of increasing gigawatt-level PV power plants, GCL New Energy has pushed innovations in management, actively carried out technological reform, and is leading the industry in regional intensive intelligent operation and maintenance with the hardware & software combination of "regional operation center + PV intelligent operation platform".
  • The first "regional operation center" of GCL New Energy is put into operation.

  • GCL's Shanxi "regional operation and monitoring center" is put into operation.

  • Thumbs up for China: the sea of sand has now become a Mecca of clean energy