Financing Overview

GCL New Energy has deepened the integration of industry and finance and employs a variety of financial innovations to enhance our comprehensive financing capability. The company is included in the MSCI index, and has won domestic and foreign awards including Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Investment Holding Company, and the Second Place in PVBL Power Station Investment Brands. GCL New Energy strictly controls financing costs through traditional financing methods such as long-term financial leases and project loans while also meeting the requirements of business development at different stages. In the first half of 2017, the average lending rate of current and non-current liabilities was approximately 6.8%, down 1 percentage point year-on-year compared with 2016. GCL New Energy also actively develops corporate bonds, green bonds, industry funds and other direct financing and structured financing methods. Based on the favorable financial attributes of PV power plants, GCL also promotes asset securitization, storage funds and other innovative financial products to boost business development.

Innovative Financial Projects

Direct Financing

The main advantages of direct financing are low interest rates and simple issuance procedures, and that the long-term fixed rate can be locked without being affected by rate hikes by the People's Bank of China. This can produce savings on financial expenses and reduce financing costs for enterprises.

Industry Funds

Social capital is drawn through industry funds. GCL expects to ramp up its industrial investments to enhance the value of its platform.

Trust and Asset Securitization

The stable cash flow of the PV plant assets is packaged into trusts and securitized. Low-cost funds such as insurance and asset management are collected to provide support for the continued development of power plants.