GCL IN “2018 Yancheng Green Smart Energy Summit”

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On September 7th, the vice president of GCL New Energy, Zhang Yaobang has participation in “2018 Yancheng Green Smart Energy Summit”. During the part of “PV Industry Development Forum” in this summit, Mr. Zhang has exchanged his views with guests on the development of the PV industry at the meeting. He said “the purpose that government holding this ‘2018 Yancheng Green Energy Summit’ is to express its enthusiasm for reduce non-technical cost in PV industry, and express GCL as a leading enterprise in this industry, and strives to promote ‘parity in PV’. In the PV industry, GCL has already established the entire PV industry chain in the city of Yancheng. We bring cutting-edge technology to the industry chain, and put technology manufacturing first. To cooperate with the government to create a PV industry which worth billion-level in the city of Yancheng.”

The date of the publication of Document No.823 by the National Development and Reform Commission divide the Chinese PV industry into two different periods, which is “subsidy-period” and “parity-period”. With the development of the PV industry, enterprise and governments work together to find ways to reduce the cost of PV power generation to increase the value of PV power generation. In the division of labor, enterprises are working to reduce the technical cost of photovoltaic power generation, and the government is working to reduce the technical cost of non-photovoltaic power generation. GCL and other leading enterprise in the PV industry work together to create a “PV’s Grid Parity” period, such as Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co.,Ltd., Canadian Solar,  Trina Solar and Huawei. “GCL’s business involves the entire life cycle of PV industry. In the silicon production phase, we use diamond wire cutting technology and superimposed black silicon technology. We have mass production of PERC technology in the cell production phase.  And move to module production phase, we have mastered the production of half-cell technology, imbricate technology, MBB technology and superimposed black silicon technology. In PV power station, we use smart tracking bracket and regional intelligent operation and maintenance modes. GCL actively develop advanced technologies and applies them to every stage of production for more efficient production.” And Mr. Zhang also said, “In the production phase, we accept all advanced technologies such as monocrystalline technology and poly silicon technology. In the production of monocrystalline phase, GCL uses CCZ technology to reduce the cost and increase production efficiency. And in the production of polysilicon, GCL improves the thermal field uniformity of the ingot furnace and improves the performance of polysilicon.”

In addition, GCL has discovered a ‘PV-agriculture model’ that combines PV power plants with agriculture. This model has effectively solved the problem of coexistence of PV power plants and agriculture. The benefits of this ‘PV-agriculture model’ not only help the company to reduce the PV generation cost, but also provide subsidies for the county where we install PV power plants to achieve a win-win situation between enterprise and villages. The PV power plants located in Funing County of Yancheng is a typical case of ‘PV-agriculture model’. This PV power plants has combined with local agriculture, such as rice, fish and crab. Learned from this meeting, GCL has invest 12 projects with total 13.39 billion Yuan in the city of Yancheng, involved energy industry, new energy industry and equipment manufacturing. There has seven projects belongs to PV industry. Yancheng government has published the <Three-year plan of developing new energy industry> to help reduce the “non-technical cost” in PV generation, which involved financial, taxation and other aspects of supportive policies. Based on this supportive policies, Yancheng has attracted many PV enterprise to invest, such as GCL and Canadian solar. It makes the city of Yancheng become one of the few cities with a photovoltaic integrated industry chain. With these financial and political support, Yancheng will march forword on new road of “two see two green”.  
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